Apple Bios Password Unlock
Macbook Firmware password appears immediately after booting up and must be entered into the system lock screen, exactly as you see in the pictures below :


If you forgot your Macbook Bios password, first check laptop specifications, if it was realesed before 2011, you only need to follow below instruction.

1- Shut down your computer and remove the battery.
2- Locate your RAM, remove one of the RAM modules and put it aside.
3- Put the battery in, and boot your computer while holding the Command + Option + P + R keys to reset the parameter RAM.
4- Wait for the chime to sound three times.
5- Release the keys and shut down the computer.
6- Remove the battery again, and reinsert the RAM module.
7- Put the battery back in.
8- Boot up your Mac, and you should not see the firmware lock again.

but if your laptop is newer and was realesed after 2011, you need to open your Macbook and take the Bios IC and get a backup (Note: Do NOT perform this action if you are not a laptop repairman).
Please send us the bios backup when you got it and also all the required details.

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